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Minimum Requirements

Below are the minimum requirement needed to display the digital menu.

Note: Any browser can be used to manage the menu system.

  • Display with and HDMI input
  • Recommended Screen Size: 43″
  • Internet access
Setup Video
Required Browser
Google TV
*Browser TV Web – BrowseHere
*Browser TV Web can be found on the Google Play store within your device.
Tested Equipment

Local Source

Media Devices

The following are a low-cost option that only require the recommended *browser be installed. These items can be found online or locally.


Purchase Source

Pricing Varies


Any TV screen with an HDMI input will work. You will need to purchase a Windows PC. We recommend using an Intel Stick or a Mini-Pc

 Alternative Device


Purchase Media



Our equipment is specifically designed to run our web application.  All you need to do is plug it in to your display and connect it to your WIFI network.

In order to manage your TV Menu, you will need any computer(Window or Mac) or tablet to access the web interface.

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